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Up come my 2013 sprouts

After a seemingly never-ending winter, I found the lovely sprouts peaking through the ground this afternoon.  Only a mere two weeks ago, I had a school snow day, thinking Spring was weeks away, but these little hyacinths give me hope. Despite the continuing snow, Spring may not be “in the air” but “in the ground”.

Note the photo was taken in 17 degree temps, minus wind chill. Oh, Spring, where art thou?


Can I enjoy Autumn?


I am still planting bulbs and raking leaves, but this came in the mail today.

And Here Come the Fall Bulb Catalogs

I just received a free shipping coupon on all $25 or more Fall bulb pre-orders through August 6, 2012 at Tulip World, so of course, I want to share the wealth: enter offer code “New4U” at checkout.  I’ve purchased many a successful bulb from this company in the past; they have all the standard varieties at fantastic prices (especially in bulk) and a few of the more unusual varieties as well.

I purchased drumstick allium (to “snaz up” my early Summer plantings), mixed hyacinth (one cannot go wrong with the majesty of hyacinth), and mixed muscari/grape hyacinth (these little guys fill in any empty space).

Photograph courtesy of Tulip World.

Now the problem is waiting, and I’m not a patient person when it comes to waiting for packages–especially pre-orders.