Roses: A Celebration

This compendium of modern garden writers looks at gardeners (like David Austin and Graham Stuart Thomas) as they reflect on their own gardening experiences.

Lovely rose illustrations, but a bit dry.


The Language of Flowers: An Anthology of Poetry, Prose and Paintings


This coffee table book (or, in my house, a guest powder room book) blends art prints of flowers with poetry or a novel excerpt about the flower.  Copies of these pages would also make lovely art for garden-themed decor.



Field Lily


Down in a meadow fresh and gay,

Picking lillies all the day;

Picking lillies both red and blue,

I little thought what love could do.

Where love is planted there it grows,

It buds and blossoms like any rose,

It has so sweet and a pleasant smell,

No flowers on earth can it excel.

Traditional Rhyme

Barbara Swell’s “The Lost Art of Pie Making: Made Easy”

I picked up this little book on Amazon a few years ago to fill up my “$25 to free shipping”, and I don’t think I’ve ever found a cookbook as helpful as this in making desserts.  Yes, I have the Martha Stewart tome Pies & Tarts, but that is too clinical for what should be the simple, pioneering joy of pie making.  Along with traditioaln and modern-twists on the varieties of pie, Swell offers vintage advertisements and lore on the quintessentially feminine art of pie.