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Book Bricks: Quaint garden addition for the reading enthusiast

I found garden bricks idea while reading The Glamorous Housewife and thought “Hmmm . . . now there’s an idea!”  This little DIY combines my two loves: my garden and reading novels, a little non-kitschy whimsy.



“Ferris Wheel” Collection for Spring 2013

The “Ferris Wheel” collection for Shabby Apple Pre-Spring 2013 is simply divine for vintage lovers.

The following are some highlights:



The blue racer skirt with the leopard top–this little number is coming home with me.



The other is the merry-go-round skirt with a simple tee–elegant and simple.

April Black Friday “Home Depot: B1G1 on Seeds” this weekend only!

In the past few months, I have noticed this bizarre attempt at advertising: a new Black Friday seemingly every month.  Do these companies simply not understand the definition of “Black Friday”?  Or, is this a not-so-clever marketing attempt to get the masses to big box stores and push more of their unneeded junk?

Regardless of the company rationale, I headed to Home Depot today for the helpful Early Spring April 5 Black Friday sales: B1G1 seed packes, started vegetables 5 for $10, and Miracle Gro topsoil 4 for $10.

After finding this seed-starting chart on, I should be able to being planting soon despite the unseasonably cold temperatures.


So here is what I got: organic seeds at 99 cents a pack!

2013-04-05_14-53-06_220And, I could not help but take a few photos of the lovely plants.

2013-04-05_13-52-06_666And, the lovely buttercups.