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At long last… Spring (maybe)

After winter overstayed its welcome with daily temperatures ten degrees cooler than average, we had our first taste of Spring on a fine Good Friday.  To my delight, my first bud of awakening appeared in the form of a crocus.


The snowdrops I planted two years ago, alas, never bloomed, so I am doubly excited for my little ones.


Up come my 2013 sprouts

After a seemingly never-ending winter, I found the lovely sprouts peaking through the ground this afternoon.  Only a mere two weeks ago, I had a school snow day, thinking Spring was weeks away, but these little hyacinths give me hope. Despite the continuing snow, Spring may not be “in the air” but “in the ground”.

Note the photo was taken in 17 degree temps, minus wind chill. Oh, Spring, where art thou?