A Failure (Maybe) from Purchasing Honeysuckle on Television

As the frenzy of March garden prep lights up the home shopping channels, I found myself “glued to the TV” with all the fabulous offers and promises of a seemingly ready-made garden bed: “It’ll grow at least three feet in the first season.”  Having purchased honeysuckle from the local nursery in the past, I thought it would be safe; probably not three feet in one season, but they’re hardy plants.

The two little ones (which I got for an “okay” price) arrived sometime in May happily tucked into their boxes looking all fresh and green.  They have since been planted next to my arbor and haven’t grown a single inch in three months, despite continuing to look happy and green (even with the Midwest drought).

No, they didn’t die, but they didn’t actually grow either.  I contacted the company for replacement plants, which their website said is common practice if any plants don’t live up to the promises on television, so I’ll have fresh new ones May 2013.

I think I’ll stick to the nursery in the future.


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