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Sad Trees



Mike Novak Show on Chicago 820AM/92.5FM

The Mike Nowak Show, a smorgasbord of green living, gardening, landscaping, and basic home repair, broadcasts Sunday mornings in the Chicagoland radio area: 820AM/92.5FM.  Nowak lives locally in Chicago, so his program addresses concerns of outdoor living in the Zone 5A/B Northeastern Illinois area.  He often interviews local botanists, landscapers, meteorologists, et al that address concerns specific to our area.  So, if you live in the listening area, tune into the show while you have your coffee and read the Tribune this Sunday morning.

Shabby Apple Zoology Debut

After many-a facebook preview over the past week, Shabby Apple finally debuted their Autumn 2012 Zoology clothing line to the delight of vintage fashion devotees.  The greens, oranges, blues, and dusty browns are refreshing as we look to escape the seemingly endless Summery 2012 heat.


Despite being long out of school (longer than I’m willing to admit),  I still scour August clothing ads to find that perfect outfit to wear the first day of school.  As I stand in front of my crop of newly indoctrinated college freshman next Monday, I want my outfit to convey “yes, I’m still so cool that I follow fashion trends”.  I know my drowsy 8:00am audience is likely not paying attention to my sassy new pair of heels that the fashion gods decreed as the must-have of the season, and yet their overly snug, not-yet-broken-in fit reminds me that I (like my starry-eyed 18-year-olds) start with a blank slate today–the semester lies ahead of me, undaunted.

Although these Shabby Apple dresses are a bit too Autumn for August and my first day of class, I will pick up a few for the coming months.  With a pair of dark tights and platform heels, I will ready for any Fall fete.

Photographs courtesy of Shabby Apple.

Tree Roots


The exposed roots of this tree along the 1930’s paved N. Spring Street are so unusual.  No other tree in this wooded area has roots growing out of the ground like this.


Everyone who frequents the Fox River Trail knows this paved area as their “Rocky moment”.  The wooded path has an almost obscured inlet with an uneven, historic brick drive that goes straight up. Whew! I’m tired even now of walking my bike up that hill.
The juxtaposition of the tree roots and brick drive through the dappled sunlight makes quite the dramatic sight.