Square Foot Gardening: All the Rage, but Messy

After doing a significant amount of research about Square Foot Gardening and my husband putting in a 4’x8′ vegetable bed, I was excited about watching my plants grow nice and neat like the pictures in magazines.   This, however, has not been the case with my own beds.  In fact, they look like a mess and are drowning our the poor hot peppers.  My research designated larger tomato plants as 1 per square foot but medium-sized pepper plants as up to 4 per square foot, but left grey area for plants like cucumbers, zucchini, or beans–leaving me guessing at the placement.

Well, I can look at this as a learning experience: next year, more room for some plants and reorganization for others.  Oh, and J— needs to double the size of the garden!


4 thoughts on “Square Foot Gardening: All the Rage, but Messy

  1. Hahah!! We always get a kick out of how nice everything looks in say, Better Homes & gardens or Mother Earth News. When their cameras show up they arrive w/ a crew to get everything ‘ready’….not so in our gardens eh? But a nice full messy garden can be just as delightful, imo.

  2. I have experienced the same let-down in my vegetable garden. I followed the square foot spacing recommendations per my research, but apparently the squash weren’t advised they the were to stay within their boundaries. My poor cucumbers never had a chance against the advancing line of zucchini. And I can’t even find 1/2 of my pepper plants. Yes – there’s always next year.

  3. I don’t want to sound like I’m happy to hear of your similar messiness, but after only hearing such good things about square foot gardening and seeing well-manicured photos, I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the comment!

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