Bells in Bloom

My sweet beardtongue is in bloom–what a terrible name for a lovely plant.  The variety in the photograph above start life with purple-brown leaves that age to a green tinged with purple and produce antique white little flowers by the dozens.  Each stalk is hardy and blooms in profusion for almost a month.  I have these in shade/part sun and full sun areas, and they grow quite well in each.  In the areas with less sun, the stalks grow about a foot-and-a-half longer to reach the sun, but this suites my little “secret garden” quite well.

I tend to have a bit less luck with the fancier varieties like the one I have pictured above .  Despite having a far more intense color, they grow much shorter (only a foot compared to the almost three feet of the traditional varieties) and do not get much larger than the one quart container that I purchased at the big box grocery.


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