Hydrangeas: My First Love

Of all the flowers in my garden, the hydrangeas are my first and everlasting love.  Their simple grace of twirling petal clusters is enough to make my heart flutter.  Last year, I counted all the hydrangeas I had throughout my property (a standard 1/4 acre city lot), and I think I totaled just over 25 of all shapes and varieties.  I have the mopheads, which are synonymous with cottage gardens, and the lesser-know paniculatas, which evoke Victorian grace with their age-tinged blooms.

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The paniculatas have a few weeks before blooming, but my mopheads are phenomenal.  In fact, two of my color-changers have white, light green, pink, blue, and the in-between purple blooms all on one shrub–which isn’t possible due to the soil content, but I guess my hydrangea is saying, “The world will end in just a few months, so let’s give the blooms all we have!”


2 thoughts on “Hydrangeas: My First Love

  1. I just got rid of an overgrown rose that was not doing well and put in a lovely lace cap hydrangea 🙂 lovely shots of them you have. They are also one of my favorites.

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