Goebbert’s Garden Party

On an unseasonably cool Wednesday, my mother-in-law and I headed to the Goebbert’s Garden Party, an invitation-only party at a local nursery.  It seemed like the hoards of invitees (far more than I had ever expected) were interested in the appetizers–not the plants, sadly.  I liked the idea of the the event: wine tastings, prizes giveaways, and appetizers among the plants.  The reality was a bad wedding where people were gorging themselves then dosing sleepily at the tables after one too many wine samples.  We, unlike most, did tour the grounds, finding many an insanely over-priced hanging basket and equally over-priced hidden fairy gardens.

We did happen upon this unusual-looking “Sea Holly” perennial secreted among the nursery staples coneflower and salvia.  And, as we made our way to the checkout counter (no easy feat with all the overly satiated party guests), I lost count of just how many people asked us where we got it as it is so very out of the ordinary.


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