Summer in the Air

The thrill of Summer in the air has kept me in the garden and away from my computer, which is truly a blessing as I spend far too many hours staring blankly at blinking computer lights, furiously tapping away on my keyboard.  As I am intermittently working for the month of June, I find myself leading the life of a woman of  leisure (pronounced the as the British “LEE-zure” for dramatic effect); after bouncing at the gym in the morning and taking the dogs for a walk, my listlessness is kept in check whiling away time in garden or reading a romance novel.  Sad that I don’t know what to do with my empty hours, as my eyes continually return to the television I refuse to turn on until 2:00pm.  I’ve endeavored to savor every moment in the quietude as come the start of Summer semester, I will long for the endless days of serenity.


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