Flea Market Find

The first weekend of each Summer month, the Kane County flea market brings hundreds of vendors hawking their wares: antiques, garden accessories, homemade jar goods, trinkets, vintage jewelry, and just about anything else one can imagine begin sold in at outdoor market.  When I first went regularly four years ago, the market was rather modest: maybe 50 vendors with a focus on dusty antiques.  Last weekend though, whew! J— and I left after 3 hours because we were plain tired of looking at stuff.

Our intention (because one always needs a checklist when entering to avoid being overwhelmed) was vintage whiskey paraphernalia for J— and garden planters and vintage jewelry for me.  Well, he did find a c.1900 keg tapper, but the $300 price tag was not worth it; and the planters were far more than I was willing to pay, really well-done by local metal artists, but still too much.  So, we came home with a modest $5 birdhouse that is currently being ignored by the birds on the back of the garage.

At least we got to walk around for a few hours and settle down with $4.50 pitchers in the St. Charles Beehive pub.


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