Geneva Pie Bake-Off

I not-so-secretly desire living in Geneva, IL–with the perfectly manicured lawn, freshly stocked weekly French Market, locally made wine stores, sweet downtown area, and (of course) the annual Swedish Days Festival.  I can, however, say that this year (my first time entering) I won 3rd prize in Geneva’s AID Pie Bake-Off with my Apple-Raspberry Pie.  Yeah for me!  If the title of winning wasn’t enough (which it really is for me as I like lording it over others like a five-year-old with the better toy), my prize was a $50 “spice box” from one of the local gourmet shops, so I can set my sights on cooking other yummy delectables.
I made my “test pie” last weekend to get a consensus what people liked and wanted changed; the pie met with applause and a “damn good” only, so I knew I had a winner.  The day dawned warm and sunny, but I put on a Pucci-inspired vintage dress and some sunblock and was off to meet my fate as a pie challenger.  While the judges performed their duties, J— and I walked the town of Geneva peeking into to shops and walking the creatively maintained street gardens on the cityscape.  Below I posted photographs one of the more artful landscapes located in an outdoor shopping atrium.


One thought on “Geneva Pie Bake-Off

  1. Ooooh Wee gal, that is a great feather in the cap! You may need to start sporting a smart pair of pumps with a classy apron a la June Cleaver while you’re in the kitchen 🙂 Pie Maven!! Nice.

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