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Storms Rolling In

Photograph of the sky above Elgin, IL around 11:00am.  We desperately need the rain (the ground is parched), but with the ominous hail yesterday afternoon, take cover!

Photograph courtesy of Facebook.


Wishlist for Fall Bulbs: Allium

Lately, I’ve found a new garden obsession: allium.  I had no idea they came in such a compact form, as when I usually see them in catalogs, the focus is on the overly large, light purple Globemaster variety.

When my eyes aren’t been difficult, J— and I have enjoyed taking long walks without the dogs around the neighborhood, and I’ve stopped at more than one yard to look at these allium up close.  They tend to be scattered throughout the garden with other white, pink, or yellow perennial varieties around the same height.  I like how they seem rather careless in their growth (allium naturalize quite easily), but do not appear messy or overgrown.

These are definitely at the top of my wishlist for Fall-Plant Bulbs.

Photograph courtesy of Tulip World.

Blue Beauty

This is an unusual variety of campanula I found in my garden this Summer.  It looks quite stately with the careless mophead hydrangeas waving in the background.  I found four plants blooming in my “secret garden” of half-sun and two blooming a few weeks later in the full-sun area of the garden.

My other campanula are lower to the ground and have hundreds of tiny white, purple, or blue bells.  This variety has dozens of blue bells that make up each of the “balls” of flowers.

Truths from “Bubble Girl”

After battling with six boughts of debilitating eye-allergy attacks over the past two years and trying “natural methods” of fixing myself, I decided to visit an allergist.  The short answer: become bubble girl (do not visit garden, do not go for a walk/bike ride, do not go on vacation, and live in air conditioning)  April-November every year for the rest of my life if I want to see and function like a semi-normal person.  Is my allergist just a demon from hell? Or, is this really the way 50 million Americans with Seasonal Allergies live?

I know now that my Seasonal Allergies are far worse than most people’s (I literally can’t see and have wave-after-wave of pain through my eyes for 2-3 weeks at a time), but really?  There’s no solution?  Take meds–maybe they’ll help (which they haven’t).  Get shots–but it’s unlikely that will really do anything.  Live in a bubble–but you might as well kill your career, social life, hobbies, and workout endeavors.

And, of course, I’ve scoured the Internet for medical, holistic, and dietetic methods to solve my allergies, as doctors (in my experience) want to fix every problem with a pill that well, in this case, doesn’t do a darn thing–other than cost buku bucks.  And have truly come up empty, with nothing that is effective.

I know my post today is more of a rant than anything, but I want to enjoy my garden (and life) in person–not just through the window.

Orange the Cat

After years of unsuccessful attempts, the cats *finally* broke the silverplate flower vase. I would have put the artificial hydrangeas in another vase, but Orange has decided to make a bed of the flowers instead.