My Sister’s Out-of-Control Roses

About six years ago, the year before I bought my very-own project house, I planted my first ever roses at my parents’ house.  At the time, I knew nothing about growing roses or varieties of roses or the care needed for them; I simply opened a gardening magazine, and said, “I like that one.”

In the past few years, my sister T— has on-again-off-again cared for them, going from three ramblers to one lone survivor.  One Summer baby-ing them (and I say that loosely), the next Summer letting them grow wild and out of control.  Even now, these roses are a great source of contention between T— and my father as he likes plants nice and tidy, not seemingly wild-growing roses.  Every so often, my father takes a set of sheers and cut it all but to the ground, and rightly so: it’s still his house no matter what T— feels.

With the mass amount of magenta roses that appear to be flourishing under various stages of neglect, I cannot understand why gardeners are intimidated by growing roses.  Some are definitely more difficult than others, but look at this beauty!


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