Honeysuckle in Bloom

I planted this “Goldflame Honeysuckle” late last Summer, and wow! it was just exploded this year.  I just love the multi-colored blooms: they begin life as pink then change to white and finally yellow.

I had high hopes of drawing hummingbirds to the garden with these brightly-colored blooms, but I fear I am waiting in vain as (from what I’ve read) they are fickle creatures who are drawn to the same gardens year after year reluctant to explore new areas.  My mother-in-law’s neighbor, who lives in the next town over, does get hummingbirds each year, so I know they are in the area–they just haven’t found me yet.

Until then, I’ll content myself with the endless parade of sparrows, robins, and squirrels to my bird feeders.


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