Memorial Day Foxtrot

This year marked the 35th annual 5K Foxtrot through my “city in the suburbs” Elgin.  So much like the past four Summers I’ve lived in the neighborhood, I’ve dutifully risen before the sun to cheer on the runners/walkers with a mimosa in my hand alongside my friends and neighbors; unlike the past Summers, however, this party migrated to my front porch as the race route changed.

I had planned on taking photos to share of the brunch-like dishes and simply decorated party, but we moved the table outside, covered it, then uncovered it, then moved it inside as the rains came–well, it just didn’t happen.  And, too, my husband ran the 10 mile portion of the race, so he could only help for so long.  As this was rather an impromptu event, the simplicity of potluck dishes and yummy morning cocktails was a perfect way to celebrate the morning and cheer on the participants.

I think I may have learned a lesson in all of this: even a casual affair can be a success.


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