A Look for Every Garden

I’d like to tell you that I garden in a full-skirted vintage number like the one below, but in reality, I can typically be found in yoga pants and a tank while slathered in sunscreen.  I still get a few car honks while working on the front in my “getup”, so I guess my outfit isn’t that bad–and yes, I am at the age where I revel in every degrading car honk as, well, I’m surprised I still get them (sad, but true)!  Although I would love to wear vintage reproductions daily, I save them for entertaining.

My new fashion obsession is Shabby Apple clothing, casual cotton dresses for the modern gal.  And, the Spring 2012 line includes this sweet Pucci-inspired dress in cotton fabric; it’s moderately-priced in breathable cotton that is quite easy to dress up with peep-toe pumps and a swipe of red lipstick.

So, I know that I can’t always look “easy, breezy, beautiful” in the garden, but when it counts, I can still look effortless in this.


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