Strawberries to Harvest

So why would anyone want a genetically modified grocery store strawberry, when they could have an easy to grow, super-sweet garden strawberry?

I planted them last year, and they have multiplied like weeds–much to my delight!  Although they are smaller than grocery store berries, they are far redder (riper) and sweeter.  Despite having upwards of fifty plants in a small area and picking a few each morning, I likely will never have enough of a harvest to make even a single jar of jam, but that’s why I buy jam at the market.  These sweet treats are just a little joy in the morning.  Or, maybe strawberry shortcake later in Summer?


One thought on “Strawberries to Harvest

  1. if you can bear to put some in the freezer and miss out on eating them, you could make jam that way, just a thought. What a wonderful delight to have fresh strawberries 🙂

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