Tiny Green Strawberries


I only hope the squirrels will stay away.


3 thoughts on “Tiny Green Strawberries

  1. wow, you’re ahead of us…we are also technically zone 5a/b a bit of elevation here 1400′ but we have no comers yet…still just flowers! Way to go. Are your strawberries from plants that overwintered in your garden or are they from the nursery planted just this year? They look great and I’m sure they will taste even better 🙂

    • I planted most of the strawberries last year; I picked them up from Craigslist (someone else’s garden) and Menard’s. Not too many berries last year, but I read that the plants multiply the first year and produce fruit the second. So I’m hoping . . .

      • Yay for you. I love pass along plants that come from friends and such. It’s probably better that they did not fruit too much last year…you’ll get more berries from them this season.

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