The Day Dawns Dark and Dreary

After an early-season warm spell, the mornings have dawned dark and dreary the past week; the bitter cold reminding us that Spring will not arrive without a fight.

This weekend dawned no different as I went to an almost rained out plant sale with the intention of purchasing a few choice plants, and I, of course, purchased more than I had intended–but a few unique varieties at that.

As an bonus to my plant sale visit, I needed no prompting when the homeowner offered us a tour of her magnificent garden, the likes of which are usually restricted to glossy magazine photos.  Each bed was stuffed (yes, “stuffed”) with perennials, each reaching their maturity within the confines of the next plant.  No weed would dare raise its ugly head to the sun in this garden!

The garden’s owner is a lovely woman who tirelessly removes unwanted upstarts from her beds to share with the public through her annual sale, everything from the ordinary (phlox and hosta) to the unusual (chocolate mint).  These unusual varieties are generally found only in high-priced catalogs, not mere garden centers, so I eagerly spent a few dollars to fill out my own newly-dug beds.  And, as these perennials were grown successfully in a neighbor’s garden, I know I will likely have success with them as well.

My fringe benefit of the day was taking an abbreviated tour of the Spring-Douglas Historic District with its painted ladies and perfectly manicured lawns, ahhh . . . one day . . .


3 thoughts on “The Day Dawns Dark and Dreary

  1. Hey! I nominated you for a VBA — Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks for sharing your garden and beautiful pictures! Until I have my own yard, my windowsill herbs and blogs like yours will have to be enough.


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