Garden View: Phase 3 And So the Planting Begins

Now for the fun part: plants!

I must confess that I am eaten with jealousy over my neighbor-down-the-street’s vinca.  Until I saw B—‘s, I assumed all vinca was the very same color: deep green with small purple flowers.  B—‘s, however, is a mixture of deep purple, violet, and pink.  So, I not-so-casually asked her the secret to her treasure at a party last week and was surprised by the answer: clippings from other historic district gardens.  She herself had scoped out neighbors’ gardens’ vinca and not-so-casually asked for clippings along the way.  B— then planted them amongst one another on the garden walk, and viola! the fanciest garden walkway in town.

As for my walkway, I decided on vinca throughout with 2-3 foot perennials every 4 feet.  I want plants that bloom for most of the season and must have a “pop” of color.  I just hope Lowe’s starts their 3 perennials for $10 sale around Memorial Day (like they did the past two years), so I can get some bargains.


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