Garden View: Phase 1 Tree Extraction


Until last December, we had a glorious 150-180 year old oak tree (or so the arborist said) gracing out front yard–the focal point of the home. Sadly, it came down a limb at a time over the course of the past three years, when the arborist called it quits: rot, ants, end-of-life-span–all of the above and more.

That day in December dawned dreary and cold; when the house was built in 1904, this oak tree was already mature but it’s lifespan was at an end last winter.

In the photo, one can see the remnants of the once mighty oak.  The dismemberment (wood splitting) took several burly men and a week–now reduced to 4 full cords of fireplace wood.

Thus began our garden view construction…


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