Cats and Vases: Bad Combo

Hmmmm… the cutting garden.  I wish I could have cut flowers in the house, but I have cats who love to drink the water from flower vases.  I’m not quite sure what the appeal is and have even put “distraction bowls” of water next to a vase, but Orange (the worst offender) blithely oversteps the bowl and knocks over the vase for some gross-tasting flower water.  So, I have this photograph of my spikey white tulips in a vase, as I the cat has probably already knocked over the vase in the 5 minutes it’s been on the sill.

Someone needs to invent the pyramid-shaped bottom heavy vase!  Any glass-blowers out there?


One thought on “Cats and Vases: Bad Combo

  1. I agree! Though my two loves, cats and cut flowers are a bad combo. I have these little bud vases that are not as easy for kitty to tip over. But unless I put them out of reach, my cat will pull the flowers out with his teeth 😦

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