Winter has Returned and so my Pink Lily of the Valley is in Bloom

Despite a lovely warm stretch of weather the past, well, 1 1/2 months, the below freezing temperatures typical of Chicagoland have returned.  Thus, the joke: “Chicago only has two seasons: winter and road construction.”  My morning glory seeds that were planted–well-intentioned but way too early–have frozen and died; at least they were only $0.50 for two packets!

Above, you will see a photograph of my pink lily of the valley that I purchased from a local Craigslist garden sale last Spring.  It is more dainty than the average lily of the valley, but the gentle pink color is just something a bit out of the ordinary; I was told that this does spread, but is far less vigorous than the standard variety.  The blossom snapped off as I relocated my crop of little ones from a really bad spot in the garden to somewhere they can really take over.

My clematis is so happy as it climbs the rickety fence.  Maybe it will bloom purple?  Maybe baby pink?  Maybe white?  Surprise is the only good thing that comes of a faulty memory.  Gardening magazines like to tout the helpfulness of drawing a map of one’s garden to identify what new items are planted where; I, however, like going int the garden and saying, “Huh, I didn’t know I planted that.  How nice!”

My narcissus looks to have yellow tulips waiting to bloom behind.

The “mixed” bag of tulips I pulled out of the clearance section of Home Depot last Autumn did quite well.  I have pinks, white, yellow–all in pastels that coordinate and are striking against the green of the roses along the fence.


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