Raised Garden: To Build or Buy

When my husband and I start any new project, I always start lists of “what he’ll definitely go for”, “what he might go for”, and the “never in a million years, but I’ll still ask anyway”–and in the “never” category, I had raised garden beds.  When we started our garden renovation last year, I wanted 100% plants and the hubby wanted 100% lawn; after bargaining and offering suggestions, we settled on 50/50.  I get my roses, hydrangeas, and every other English garden flower that I’ve always wanted, while J— gets enough lawn for the boys to play bags.

So after we had settled our friendly dispute, imagine my surprise when the hubby broached raised garden beds a few weeks ago.  I had to contain my surprise, so as not to scare the intention away.

J— priced out the cedar and found that he could make a 4’x8′ bed for $100 or purchase a prefab bed of the same size for $80 at the big box store.  Yes, the prefab piece is not quite as sturdy as a homemade version, but it did save an entire day’s worth of work, so I’ll take it.  The unit snapped together in about 20 easy minutes and took a little over 30 bags of topsoil and “moo-nure”.  Voila!  All ready for vegetables in, well, 1 1/2 months–this is Zone 5A, so I have until mid-May to plant, unless our warm weather returns.

A bit more of a surprise in that my strawberries have sweet white and yellow flowers.


One thought on “Raised Garden: To Build or Buy

  1. I really like the placement of your flower garden – right next to the fence. My yard is very similar, and I never thought to place the wires so climbers will climb. I also tried veggies last year, but with no kitty, we really attracted too many critters. Very nice raised beds!

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